Safety Precautions

It is important to keep at least one, and preferably several, #FireExtinguishers in your #home. Fire extinguishers reduce the potential for damage which keeps our insurance premiums—and your assessments—down. Several types are available, and each has a specific use.

How Many?

Common household fire extinguishers are only intended to snuff out small fires before they become serious. Keep as many as necessary to grab quickly before a fire gets out of control. For starters, you should probably have one in the kitchen, at least one on each floor, one in the garage, and one near valuable electronic equipment.

What Type?

The kind of fire extinguisher you should use depends on what’s burning. Different types of extinguishers are available for different types of fires, and each is prominently labeled with an alpha designation:

•    Class A fires: paper, wood, cardboard. If household items like cardboard, fabric, or wood (a sofa, for example) are on fire, water will do the best job of putting it out.
•    Class B fires: gasoline, kerosene, grease, oil, and other combustible liquids.
•   Class C fires: electrical equipment.

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