Tips for Renting your Unit

Approximately four in 10 homes in suburban America are occupied by renters. If your unit is one of those homes—or about to become one—here are a few tips that will help you, your renters, and the association. Talk to the... more

The Value of Landscaping

Maintaining common areas is one of the board’s most basic responsibilities. To fulfill that responsibility, the board should contact a professional landscaping company. Before signing the contract, the board sought bids from several potential companies, carefully consider the competence and... more

Safety Precautions

It is important to keep at least one, and preferably several, #FireExtinguishers in your #home. Fire extinguishers reduce the potential for damage which keeps our insurance premiums—and your assessments—down. Several types are available, and each has a specific use. How... more

Tips to Protect your Pets

Dogs and cats can be great companions, but they also can carry fleas, ticks, and parasites into your home and your community. Infestations can spread quickly through a community when flea-infested carpeting or pet bedding is disposed of improperly, when... more

What is a Board Resolution?

A board resolution is a motion that follows a set format and is formally adopted by the board. Resolutions may enact rules and regulations or formalize other types of board decisions. There are four types of resolutions for a community... more

How the Budget Committee Works

We are about to start Budget Season where most of the associations will prepare the 2020 budget. The budget committee is formed by volunteers and it has an important role during the process of creating the Budget. Do you know... more

Federal Emergency Management Agency

When we are affected by weather-related damage, it’s reassuring to know that private communities such as yours can rely on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in certain circumstances. Please note that some of these circumstances may not apply to... more

Safety Tips at the Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the many joys of summer, and we hope you're able to make good use of the pool. While we want to make sure all our residents and guests have fun in and around the water, the... more

Insurance Checklist For Hurricane Season

Have you checked your insurance policy during this Hurricane Season? Now is the moment to make sure you are covered and protected in case a Hurricane approaches your home. Read these important tips and share with us if you have... more

Saving Water and Energy During the Summer

During the summer we tend to increase our water and energy consumption. Did you know you can reduce your water consumption by 20-40 percent without purchasing expensive equipment? Reducing water use can mean substantial savings on water, sewage, and energy... more

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