Tips on how to be a good neighbor

At Renovations PROPERTY MANAGEMENT we care about having a good environment in all the communities, that is why we offer you some tips on how to be a good neighbor:

  • Welcome any new neighbors with a personal note or pop by for a personal introduction.
  • Make sure that the outside of your home—along with the grounds—is well-kept and complies with your association’s CC&Rs.
  • Be mindful of noise—loud music, barking dogs, power tools—that may disrupt the neighborhood beyond a reasonable hour.
  • If you have a large party, consider your neighbors when directing your guests where to park, end the party at a reasonable hour and invite your neighbors to join in the fun.
  • Return anything you borrow from your neighbor promptly, in the same condition they lent it to you, and express your thanks.
  • Replace anything of your neighbor’s that you, your children or your pets break or soil.
  • Respect your neighbor’s privacy.
  • Offer to take care of mail pick-up, plants or pets while your neighbor is on vacation.
  • Be social! Inviting a neighbor over for coffee and conversation can promote open communication and a friendly neighborhood environment from which all neighbors can benefit.

Share your tips with us! We want to hear from you.

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