What is a Board Resolution?

A board resolution is a motion that follows a set format and is formally adopted by the board. Resolutions may enact rules and regulations or formalize other types of board decisions. There are four types of resolutions for a community association:

1. Policy Resolutions affect owners’ rights and obligations such as rules for the use of common areas and recreational facilities, architectural guidelines and enforcement procedures.
2. Administrative Resolutions address the internal operations of the community association. Examples include operating procedures, collection procedures and where board meetings will be held.
3. Special Resolutions document board decisions that apply a policy or rule to an individual situation, such as a decision about an alleged rule violation.
4. General Resolutions involve routine events, such as adopting the annual budget and approving a contract.
The property manager maintains all adopted resolutions. They are available to association members for review if requested by the owners.

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